NEW COVENANT CHRISTIAN CHURCH "Building CommUnity Inside and Out"

New Covenant—Mission, Vision and Values


New Covenant is an intercultural justice-seeking congregation with a history of creating a more just society by dismantling structural isms, ensuring that all voices are heard. We do this work through our mission, vision, and values.


Our Mission:

“We are New Covenant Christian Church, living into the fullness and promise of God.”


Our Vision:

An Oasis of Wholeness: Building CommUnity Inside and Out


Our Values:

…Welcoming the CommUnity with love

…Seeking understanding and spiritual maturity

…Standing for God’s purpose through justice and service


Our Vision calls us to welcome the CommUnity with love, seek understanding, and spiritual maturity, and stand for our God's purpose through justice and service. Our vision has three mandates:



We are a church where all types of healings happen - spiritual, physical, and psychosocial, etc. Every member is called to heal: Covenant Health Ministry, Covenant Study (Sunday School, Word on Wednesday), and Covenant Recovery Support Groups.


Social Justice


We are a church that seeks to restore wholeness in brokenness. Every member is called to DO justice. New Covenant provides CommUnity Support via record expungements, voter registration, employment fairs, educational opportunities and removing barriers for affordable housing, a more just criminal system, economic equity and jobs. We also partner with the NAACP, IMF, NOAH, Meharry, Robert Churchwell School and 18th Ave Family Enrichment Center.




We are a church that Builds CommUnity inside and out. Every member is called to be in CommUnity. New Covenant hosts CommUnity Day, Covenant Pantry, Covenant Mini Market, Room in the Inn, Covenant Benevolence and Covenant Ministries/Tribes.

Worship Times



9 am Sunday School

10 am Worship Service





11:30 am - Classic Saints Bible Study @ NCCC

6 pm - Bible Study @ NCCC

Contact Us

New Covenant Christian Church

2201 Osage Street, Nashville, TN 37208

Phone: 615.320.1590 | Fax: 615.320.3103